Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Yes, today is my birthday which is why I chose today's date to blog. So I could reflect on this day with all of you. A couple of interesting things about November birthdays; when I worked at Catholic Charities all of my female co-workers had November birthdays, they were all Scorpios. This is an important fact because my sisters are Scorpios, therefore I always know how to handle Scorpian women friends. And more importantly all of my best friends have November birthdays, here again all Scorpians. I'm sure in the world of numerology this must mean something, but I don't know what. The thing about birthdays is that they come around every year at the same time. This year I'm forty six. Yikes! Looking at that number in print makes me realize how fast the years are flying by me. I think non-writers look at their birthdays in different ways than writers do.
Before I was published I never really looked back on the year or forward to what the next twelve months of my life would bring. Of course that could be because my birthday falls right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. And I was too caught up in hoping my family would remember my birthday! Most years I was given the combo birthday/Christmas gift (and I still get asked in mid-November what I'd like for Christmas when I haven't even had my birthday yet!) A very big bummer and I imagine the only thing worse would be a having a birthday fall on Christmas or New Years Day. Oh and what about all you poor leap year babies? The birthday that only rolls around once every four years!
My best birthday was the year I turned 41. That was the year my first book was published, forever changing the way I view my birthdays. Now I look at what I've accomplished in my career. How many books I've had on the shelves and what's in the pipeline for the next 365 days. I'd like to have a contemporary book published. Right now I've only sold historical romances. I'm working on a proposal for a contemporary series set in Northern California. This hasn't sold yet, but I'm ever hopeful it will sell.
As much as we may hate the way time goes by, it's good to remember that special day once a year which defines us. Taking one day in your life to reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly and all that falls somewhere in between can be an enlightening experience.
So here's to all my fellow November 30th Sagittarians, enjoy your day, take a walk, read a good book, and most importantly be kind to yourself today.

Tracey J. Lyons


gailbarrett said...

Happy birthday, Tracey! I can sympathize with the hardship of having a birthday around the holidays. My husband's bd is the day after Christmas. Not only is it terribly hard to come up with TWO sets of significant gifts for him (one for Christmas, the other for the birthday), but who feels like making or eating cake when you have all those cookies, fudge, etc. sitting around?

L. Faye Hughes said...

Happy birthday, Tracey!!

ramblings said...

happy birthday!!!!! i tend 2 look at birthdays like a child. im 29 but who cares? its suppose 2 be one of the greatest days in ur parents lives. so i revel in the fact that once again i have grown another yr older, and its a day 2 honor me. evry woman should be treated like a queen on evry day of the yr, but when ur birthday rolls around, well royalty in family should bow 2 their mothers, and celebrate the fact that mothers r the greatest ppl on earth. but i digress, this ur day and i hope u have evrything u have ever dreamed of, and that ur birthday is filled w/ happiness and joy. i fully believe women in their 40's and 50's r the glue that holds american society 2gether. and women authors, well, my god, they just rock. i luv 2 write, (never had ne thing published tho) so i know the joy, sweat, and evrything else that goes in2 a novel. so from the bottom of my heart, thank all u women who give us mothers, daughters and even sum men out there an escape in a fantasy and for also letting us in2 ur hearts 4 awhile. keep on trucking, and keys a tapping. again happy birthday tracey, and i hope it is a fantasic day 4 u.

Allison Brennan said...

Happy Birthday Tracey!!!

Nancy Morse said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey. My birthday is Dec. 18, exactly one week before Christmas, but I always got presents for both. Lucky me. And it's tradition that the Christmas tree goes up on my birthday. Needless to say, this is my favorite time of year. But as far as age, I've always imagined myself as the female Peter Pan. What? Me, 59 this year? Impossible! This wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to be young forever! Oh well. Enjoy your day, Tracey.

Deborah Matthews said...

Happy birthday, Tracey. My birthday is Dec. 27, so I'm quit familiar with the one gift. Though DH has learned to buy two. Hope you have a great day.

Tracey said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Alfie said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey. I love your take on birthdays, though I never thought about how my attitude changed after I became a writer. (But it did, I realized reading your post.)

I'm one of those Scorpios. I think it's interesting that a lot of writers seem to be Scorpios. So maybe you're drawn to Scorpios because alot of them seem to write.

FYI, my M-I-L was born on Christmas day. She made it clear from the beginning that the combined Christmas/birthday gift was NOT acceptable. Darn! She's the hardest person in the world to buy for and my DH is no help at all.


Alesia said...

Happy birthday!!

Karin Tabke said...

Happy B-Day, Tracy.