Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cupid's Arrow is coming your way!

In case you may have missed the ads in magazines, billboards, and on Television, today is Valentine’s Day. First let me wish you all a day filled with life’s little pleasures, like chocolate and champagne, and a day filled with love.

I decided to ask our other PASIC members what their fondest memories of Valentine’s Day past are.

In their own words:

Hubby once gave me a 4 x 4 piece of plain paper, with the pencil drawingof a heart, and in the center of the heart was simply "Gene loves Geri". Thirty-six years later, it's still my favorite Valentine, as faded anddog-earred as it is. --Geri Buckley--

My husband once took me to a bagpipe concert on Valentine's Day, even though he doesn't care for the bagpipes (I love them). We sat right near the stage, too. I'm still impressed that he sat through a couple hours of piping for my sake.--Gail Barrett

What I love about Valentine's Day is sending valentines to my kids. My dad used to send each of his kids a valentine, every year. And he lived with us. It was so cool to open the mailbox and find a card from him. So now I try to do that with my kids, though they're grown. I add a treat, too, some goody I know they'll like. Makes me feel goooood.--Ann Roth

It's not the flowers (though I usually get them and love them), but my fella truly understands me. He worries about me when I go too long without writing. My FAVORITE card is from my youngest (now 19)--When he was in kindergarten, he had to start wearing glasses. And somewhere in there, his big brother (who was 11 when Robert was 5) let him watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All of a sudden, everything the little guy drew had fangs. Dinosaurs. Dolphins. Anyway, that year, He made me a Valentine person--a heart with accordion pleated arms and legs--and the face of the Valentine had glasses on...and fangs.I LOVE that Valentine.--Gail Dayton

As for me I saved every Valentine’s Day card my two sons ever made me. Now that they’re all grown I sometimes come across them and remember those tiny hands making something to make me feel special. I still think homemade cards are true gifts of love from the heart.

Have a truly wonderful day!Tracey

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