Thursday, November 16, 2006


One of the more interesting trends (to me at least) is how genres are getting to play in each others backyards more these days. It never made much sense to me that a romance writer isn't supposed to be able to write science fiction--or vice versa. All my friends who write are, well, writers. They read across genre and so why couldn't they write across them, too. But marketing tends to like boxes, which makes their job easier. I love to see it getting messy again.

What brings this up is having stumbled across a free PDF download of Subterranean Press' Issue 4, I came across Scott Westerfeld's very funny cliche SF Haiku. And from there looked him up on Amazon, because anyone with his kind of twist to his mind is my kind of writer. Sure enough, he's put a story into Sex in the System: Stories of Erotic Futures, Technological Stimulation, and the Sensual Life of Machines

Notice the flower on the cover--if that's not romance art, I'm need better glasses. You'd think they'd have gone for something, well, more robotic or phallic. So this seems a pretty blatent appeal not to erotica and romance readers. Which suits me fine. Now I've got a new author to read. Because CJ Barry (now to be known as Samantha Graves) just doesn't write enough science fiction romances.


JoAnn Ross said...

That's so funny, and just goes to show how we all look at things differently. When I look at that cover, I see a high-tech version of Georgia O'Keefe's vulva/vagina flowers. Which seems to fit a book about the erotic/sensual life of machines. But perhaps I need better glasses. Or just have a dirty mind. ;)

I also am certain this is the first time I've used BOTH the V words in a blog.

Nancy Morse said...

Frankly, it reminds me a Rorschach test I took years ago.