Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Creative Process

The creative process is a strange one, and it never happens in quite the same way for me. I've been struggling with the first chapters of my first druid vampire book in the world I've developed. I don't know -- maybe I was thinking too hard about it because last night I developed a horrible headache.

I took ibuprophen and ended up going to bed at 9:00. But even in bed, my mind wouldn't settle down and I kept thinking about my plot and whirling it around my fantasy elements though my head was throbbing. I got hot flashes, kept throwing off the covers, flopping around in bed, putting my pillow over my head in an attempt to try to ease the pain behind my eyes, then getting cold and cuddling next to my husband, only to complain that he was making me sweat and pushing him away. I was driving him nuts -- as well as myself!

Finally, I fell to sleep. And when I woke up, my headache was gone and I felt so refreshed. What's more, I knew what was wrong with my plot, and knew exactly how I was going to approach the story! So I've been writing like mad today, fixing my world and writing down the outline to my story -- and I'm very excited.

Also, I've been searching the 'Net, trying to find a good English to Celt Dictionary. I finally found an Online Etymology Dictionary that explains the origin of English words, which I absolutely love. And I've found quite a few Celt and Anglo-Saxon words in it. Still, it's time consuming weeding through all the Latin and other origins I don't want. But I might have to fall back on some Latin roots. I want to "flavor" the book throughout by having my druids say some Celt words.

When I'm done, I'll probably set up a page on my official website with all the terminology and roots in case anyone is interested, at

That's the report from the salt mines!

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