Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sad News (& market news)

Let me be the first to offer my condolences to the Silhouette Bombshell authors who have heard this week that after January 2007 the line will be closed. For more details visit:

Let me put a call out to readers and other writers to be sensitive during these times. Whatever your opinion of the books and why they did or didn't sell, please be aware of what you say and how you say it. Already some authors have had insult added to injury. Thus, before you offer your opinions in any public forum, ask if your comments might add to the pain the authors are currently feeling. If so, please realize that this is like a death and refain from adding to anyone's misery.

Okay, lecture over. Let me also wish the Bombshell authors, many of whom are members of PASIC, good luck. You are darn good writers as Stephanie Feagan's RITA shows, and I'm sure you will find homes for your works quickly.


Nancy Morse said...

If you've been in this business long enough, chances are you've had a line or even a publisher close. Before anyone is tempted to rub salt into another author's wounds, remember that at any time it could happen to you.

Sandra K. Moore said...

A big thanks to all the authors and readers who have been sensitive during this difficult period. I understand that it's easy to want to "Monday morning quarterback" over the closing of a line, and would like to chalk that up to a momentary lapse of sensitivity.

Natashya Wilson is a wonderful editor who deserves credit for bringing Bombshell along. She came into a difficult editorial situation -- taking over just a few months after the launch -- and proceeded to manage it with grace and skill. Any brand new line will have hurdles to leap as it finds its identity, and Natashya did a great job of bringing a sense of cohesiveness to a line whose books in many cases read in substance and tone like single titles.

As for the Monday morning quarterbacks, I hope their lines don't close down. It's not a fun experience.