Thursday, September 28, 2006

Superheroes, Mayhem & other such stuff

Today was superhero day at my school. It's homecoming week, and every day we've had a theme. Being dead to the world at 5:20 AM when my alarm goes off, I've been like the majority of unspirited people and failed to participate. Today, though, when someone asked me where my costume was I simply joked back, "I'm wearing it. I'm a superhero. Can't you tell?"

And in a sense I am. My life is full of mayhem. I have edits to read and proof--I did a lot of them at the hair salon today while my roots got covered and my girls got pedicures (a rare treat). My agent and I talked today and she asked me if I'd gotten to her comments yet. I'm on a November 1 deadline. I have 55 ninth grade essays to read over the next few days, for my students are chomping at the bit to know how they've done. My daughter turns 10 on Sunday, and I still have to order her cake. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart--they can do it with only 24 hours notice and if I'm desparate I can just grab one already made and they'll add the inscription on the spot. My cat barfed on the floor, and I'll have to Resolve that out on Saturday, won't get to it until then. Oh, and I need to call the Longaberger lady and put off meeting with her to close my book party. Somehow I'm feeling like a hamster in a wheel who is never going to get caught up.

Whew. Could Superman keep up with the life of a single mom of a 4th and 6th grader? I'm not sure. Dinner was Burger King. Indulged in Whopper Jr. Gotta cut that out. Sigh.

So that brings me to this moment, when I'm doing my drive by readings of my blogs (while paying bills as the dial up connection slowly loads the screen) and I notice that none of my fellow authors have posted lately. I figure that they're like me, insanely busy. I figure that while I'm here today playing Superwoman and Wonder Woman, I'd post something.

Now I'm going to finish my bills, drop by another blog, and hopefully crawl into bed. Two weeks until my school's fall break. One until the first quarter is already over. Like Superman, time too flies. I just wish I could get it to slow down.

Michele Dunaway

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Cheryl Bolen said...

I've always said you're Superwoman, Michele. Being a single mom is one tough job, and teaching school, imo, is the hardest job in the world. (I tried it for the longest six years of my life.) Add to those consuming jobs the career of a successful novelist. Sheeesh, I get tired just thinking of it.