Monday, November 27, 2006

The Problem With Mondays

Do you ever wonder why Mondays seem to get here so darn fast? In relation to Fridays, for example.

I do.

Especially on a Monday morning. *g*

I honestly don't know what my problem with Monday is. I mean, it's the start of a new week, which is a good thing. Right? But yet, try as I might to be excited about a Monday and all its glorious possibilities, when the alarm clock sounds on Monday, I find that all I really want to do is stay planted in bed. Until Tuesday, maybe.


But I don't stay planted, of course. I crawl out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of coffee...and, eventually, wake up to find find that Mondays aren't so horrible after all. (Ah, the wonders of caffeine.)

So what about you? Do you have a Monday phobia or is it just me?



Patti O'Shea said...


I think my theme song is the Boomtown Rats' I Don't Like Mondays. :-) For me, it's getting up at 4am for the Evil Day Job (EDJ) and knowing I'll have to do it every day for a week. And it means squeezing writing time in after I get home and before I start doing head bobs.

I much prefer Saturday and Sunday where I sleep until I wake up, have a leisurely cup of coffee and have the entire day to work on my stories.

Yep, I definitely don't like Mondays!


L. Faye Hughes said...

LOL, Patti.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I have an EDJ, too, so I also only get to write at nights and weekends.

But, to be honest, when I was writing full-time, I don't think I was as productive as I was when I am working an EDJ, too. LOL.


Nancy Morse said...

After more than 10 years without taking any time off from the EDJ, I threw caution to the wind and am actually taking this week off. Normally, I begin my growling and grumbling Sunday nights. Then, come Monday, I issue a few choice epithets, crawl out of bed, and start my work week. (Fortunately, I do my EDJ at home.) Well, last night, there wasn't a grumble out of me. After all, I'm off this week. And this morning I actually looked forward to getting out of bed and starting my day. But wait! What am I going to do? There's no gardening to do. Errands? Nah. I wasted as much time as I could eating breakfast and reading the morning paper. I could read a book, but I'm just not in the mood. So now what? I could write, and I will, but later. I'm so used to squeezing in my writing in the evening & on weekends that I'm not used to doing it at this time of day. I suppose that when I finally retire from the EDJ I'll have to change that habit. My God, what will it feel like to write at my leisure? I'm the type who thrives on pressure. Will my writing suffer when I have more time to do it? Meanwhile, here it is, Monday morning, and as soon as I finish commenting to Faye's blog, what am I going to do? I hear the siren's call of the EDJ. I could lash myself to the mast and try to ignore it, or I could just accept the fact that I'm a workaholic and, yes, sad as it sounds, go back to work, maybe just for a little while.

Gail Dayton said...

Nancy, dear, your writing IS your job. Or it would be without the EDJ.

I used to hate Mondays, but since I got to retire from my day job (which I actually enjoyed because it was a very interesting job and I got to help send crooks to jail), I get to get back into the swing of writing for another week. I have to make myself write first, as if it were my dayjob, which it is. And I kinda have to keep reminding myself of that especially when there's so much else I could do.

Today? I have writing business stuff to get done--mail contracts (YAY!!!), that sort of thing. I'm at the end of a cycle--proposals done, needing run-throughs before sending off, that sort of thing. So there's no actual writing pressure this week. Just two proposals to mail out before family invades at Christmas.

Nancy Morse said...

You're right, Gail, writing is my job, or rather, my 2nd job,and I do take it seriously. But since the EDJ is the one that brings in the big bucks, that's where I have to put my energies first. You know, bills to pay, food to put on the table, shoes to buy, and all that. If I had to depend on my writing income, I'd be propped up against a tree at the nearest intersection with a handwritten note on cardboard hanging around my neck soliciting for money. Although, I did see a homeless person in NYC a few months ago whose sign asked for a few bucks to buy some pot. We all have our priorities, I guess.

L. Faye Hughes said...

LOL, Nancy.

I remember years ago, waiting in a long line for the light so I could merge onto the 101 Freeway out in L.A., when I saw all of these people in cars ahead of me laughing their fool heads off . When I moved up to the light, I saw a cardboard sign laying on the grass at the side of the road.

Will Work For Sex.

It still makes me laugh. LOL.