Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reflections on the Trial of the Century

I remember the O.J. Simpson circus of shame well.

I lived in Los Angeles in those days, and the news was everywhere. It was *the* topic of conversation when making small talk with strangers. Instead of saying “How about those Dodgers?” when you were forced to stand in line down at the DMV or the local Cineplex, you’d say, “What about that O.J.?” And for good reason, too. Every local news channel – and Los Angeles had several – was covering the story. Ad nauseum, in fact.

Back then, I’d spent my days working in a law office as a legal assistant/office manager and wrote at night. (I think I was my most prolific then, too, but I digress. LOL.) When the verdict was announced, we’d all gathered in the conference room to watch it on the big screen. No one thought he was innocent. Everyone thought the prosecution had screwed up. The case was debated for weeks.

Hearing about the upcoming book, and the TV interview to promote same, has brought back a lot of those memories. Some people say they’ll never forget where they were when Kennedy was shot, or when the first plane hit the tower on 9/11. Me, I’ll never forget the O.J. trial. (The first one, moreso than the second.) Where I was. What I felt.

What about you? Did you follow the trial on Court TV? Were you glued to your TV screen when the verdict was announced? Or were you one of the sane ones who spent that time reading a good book? *s*


Deborah Matthews said...

I didn't watch the trail every day because I was working. I remember being shocked when the verdict came back.

I just saw an article on Yahoo ( that the book & interview have been canceled. Wonder if he has to give the advance back.

Alfie said...

I was one of the sane ones, Faye. I was off reading (or writing) a good book.