Friday, September 30, 2005

Used Bookstore Sales

At what point do we seriously consider the impact used book sales have on your bottom line?
I think this is a nerve-racking issue. Anyone else?


Ann Roth said...

Used book sales worry me, too. The numbers continue to grow in this area. I wish the publishers would band together and figure out how to collect royalties on these sales. Maybe if the numbers climb high enough, they will. Meantime console yourself with this: What if someone who never has read you picks up a used copy of your book? Maybe they'll enjoy it so much, they'll buy new copies from now on. Maybe, too, they'l pass it to friends who will share with other friends, and you'll gain a brand new fan club.

Alfie said...


Feel free to post your thoughts on the front page (ie., blog). Maybe we can get a conversation going.