Saturday, October 01, 2005

Don't We Create Men Who...

don't do this? In an LA Times opinion piece, David Gelernter makes some thought provoking points in, Keep your 'machisma' out of it.
Years ago, this nation invested much energy in anguishing over and mocking machismo — male swagger, a menacing virility, an air of aggression.
Yes, I can remember people criticizing romances exactly because the men were too much the strong, silent type. Remember the (short) period when editors were actually requesting 'beta' heroes rather than 'alphas.' Now we're into alpha heroines, as well. And this, perhaps, explains why the alphas are so appealing.
For a person in authority to insist that lower-downs reveal their emotions is an abuse of power, a form of emotional groping that can leave the targets feeling violated and mad as hell.
Wonder if this is one reason our heroes are so easy to fall in love with?
This was a fascinating column.

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Colleen Thompson said...

Gelernter makes some interesting points. There isn't a lot to be admired by a culture that pressures people to get in touch with their inner whiners.

In some cases, sucking it up and/or remaining circumspect is not only healthy, it's a public service. And when people do need to share their pain, it's important that they have the opportunity to choose a trusted listener. Otherwise, they're only opening themselves up to another wound.