Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Horizons

Yesterday my futuristic vampire story, MISLED, released with Ellora's Cave. It's not only my first release with EC, it's my first futuristic release. I'm primarily a historical author. Historical romances are my first love, not only as a writer, but as a reader. So why wade into untried waters?

First of all, I wanted to write about characters who had special abilities and lived in a world far removed from our own. Moving away from historicals allowed me to do that. By creating the setting from scratch, my imagination could go wherever it wanted.

Second, venturing into the e-format after first starting in print opens my stories up to an entirely different demographic. I've discovered that print readers and e-book readers are very different in their genre tastes, number of books purchased, and internet saviness. There really isn't that much crossover. My historical Brava readers probably won't read my e-book futuristics and vice versa. By writing in both formats and multiple genres, I can reach a far greater number of readers.

I spent a wonderful hour in my local Barnes & Noble the day before yesterday and was pleased to see the large number of Ellora's Cave print titles in the store. They were in center aisle displays with other books, and liberally dispersed amongst the other publisher titles in the romance section. EC books have done very well in Borders/Waldens, and BN is a new venue for them. It was pleasant surprise to see them there in such large quantities.

The publishing horizons are widening, readers are leaping at new opportunities to find authors and stories they love, and I'm excited to spread out with them.

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