Monday, October 10, 2005

OPC (Other People's Choices)

We all make choices about what we're going to read. What we're going to write. What time we're going to go to bed. We don't always have good reasons for those choices. In her blog, agent Nadia Cornier addresses choices that agents and editors make because...

It applies to how readers accept our books. It applies to reviewers. It applies to life.

It doesn't hurt to have a reminder.



Colleen Thompson said...

I'd love to read this article, but the link's not working. Could you please doublecheck it?


gailbarrett said...

This was a great post. Rejection is so hard to deal with at every stage of our careers: negative comments made on the manuscript during contests or by critique partners, rejections by editors and agents, more rejections by editors AFTER a sale, blah (or even bad) reviews. It never seems to end. As extremely sensitive people, writers really suffer when this happen. I know I do. But I am trying to learn to be stronger. I think it helps me to put it into perspetive. There are books that I absolutely love that other people don't care for. Likewise, I have to realize that my writing will leave some people unaffected while others are touched deeply. So, what is my strategy? Focus on the positive, shrug off the negative, keep trying to improve and keep writing because I must. Sure, the bad comments hurt, but I refuse to let them disable me. That's the key.