Thursday, October 13, 2005

November is coming...

...and November is National Novel Writing Month. (Come on. You know you've heard of it.) And for the most part, I think it is a wonderful idea to encourage writers to put all the stacks of stuff we all carry around to help us procrastinate behind us and actually create. Just go with the flow.

But don't you love this line from the official site? This is one of their official reasons:

To be able to mock real novelists who dawdle on and on, taking far longer than 30 days to produce their work.

Hey, it still doesn't discourage me. I'm signing up!


Alfie said...

I told you. I'm not going to let a day go by without a post if I can help it. If you want me to quit posting YOU need to post something.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the link! I had never heard about this before, and now I signed up!

Allison Brennan said...

I've thought about signing up. But sometime in November I'll have copyedits to do.

But I wanted to get my option book drafted by the end of the year. It might be a good time to do it.

JoAnn Ross said...

Hey, I earned a living for years doing exactly that. The year my kid was at Oxford (at a time when the American dollar was really weak against the British pound), I wrote 2 125,000 word Miras, nine category novels for Silhouette and HQ and one novella. Now that I've put my category days way behind me, there are still times -- such as now, facing a Dec 15th deadline -- I wish I could tap back into that old energy.

Colleen Thompson said...

Argh! Thirty days!

I'm one of those novelists they can scoff at. I obsessively re-edit as I go along, think a five-page day is a good day, and have discovered along the way that if I keep that modest pace, I can still write two big books a year plus allow time for editing, part-time work, and my family.

I tried the Book in a Week thing and it drove me crazy and availed me nothing. Guess the moral of the story is try everything you can and keeps what works for you!