Monday, October 17, 2005

From a Reliable Source

News from the recent RWI conference in Tulsa...

Victoria Curran, editor at Harlequin Superromance, talked about the NEXT and EPIC lines and tipped attendees off that the acquiring editors are receiving a lot of submissions with wives who are dumped by their husbands. Most of the women come off looking weak. She suggested that anyone who wanted to write a NEXT sidestep this pitfall.

EPIC is seriously looking for 75,000 word family sagas.

Caitlin Alexander, an editor from Bantam, said that she, personally, would also like to see family sagas -- and vampires are still doing well.


Temperley said...

What does HQN mean by "family saga"? Do they mean "saga" as in linked books that travel through generations of the same family a la Philippa Carr and Barbara Taylor Bradford ? Or something else?

Alfie said...

Keller, I don't necessarily think they're asking for linked books. (But they probably wouldn't turn something like that down, either, if each book fit what they want.) They definitely want 'family sagas' that follow the same family over decades, rather than over a few years. Check out HQN at They have pages for writers there that will give you better information, including guidelines, than I can give you.