Monday, December 12, 2005

My Letter to Santa

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d write your letter to Santa every Christmas? Well, I remember writing mine. I’d agonize over that letter to the Supreme Gift Bringer for days. If I sounded too pushy, I’d end up getting clothes. If I wasn’t pushy enough, I’d end up getting clothes. (And trust me on this. Getting clothes was like the ultimate Christmas morning letdown for a kid.) I figured that letter to Santa was the Single Most Important Letter I’d ever have to write, so I wanted to make sure I got mine right.

(Oddly enough, when I grew up, I found a whole slew of other letters that would fall into that same category: Letters to prospective agents, query letters to editors, etc. LOL.)

The big thing for me in those letters to Santa was deciding what present I wanted most out of all the things on my Wish List. Now, I knew Santa – he usually gave me one big one and lots of other small ones. (Plus the aforementioned clothes.) So, I’d spend a few days agonizing over that decision. What was the One Big Present I wanted above all others?

Anyway, as I sat down to write this blog entry this morning, I started wondering what One Big Present I’d ask Santa to bring me this year...assuming, of course, I were still writing him letters. (And I’m not saying that I am, mind you. I’m just saying “assuming I still did.”) I can think of lots of things that I want: More time to write, a fabulous new agent, an even more fabulous new contract, hitting the NY Times list, moving from Snow Hell to a place that didn’t have winter ten months out of the frigging year.

All of them are great, but choosing just one for my One Big Present...ah, that’s the challenge, isn’t it?

So I thought about it over coffee and I think I have mine. My question to you all on this snowy December morning is this: If you were to write a letter to Santa this year, what would be the One Big Present you wanted above all others?

Here’s mine:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good writer this year. No, seriously. I’ve been good. I’ve written (mostly) every day and I’ve hunted down and killed (mostly) every adverb I’d seen in my work. This year for Christmas, I’d like to have a fabulous new agent who’ll love my voice and inspire me to become an even better writer.

Thanks, Santa. I’ll leave some green tea and fat-free cookies under the tree for you. Please tell Mrs. Claus I said hi.



Nancy Morse said...

Here's my letter to Santa:

Dear Santa:

You didn't bring me what I asked for last year. Ok, so if world peace is a little out of your repertoire, how about choosing from any of the following things to bring me this year:
1) A contract with a publisher who loves my work so much that they'll buy anything I write.
2) An agent who loves my work so much that she'll sell anything I write.
3) Readers all over the world who love my work so much that they'll read anything I write.

I'm not asking for everything - just one will do. And except for that one incident which I'm sure you know all about, I've been very good this year. You'll find your usual goodies in the usual spot. Just try not to leave so many crumbs like you did last year. The dog got sick licking them up.

Love, Nancy

P.S. And could you see what you can do about that world peace thing?

Candice Gilmer said...

Dear Santa,

As you know, it's been a difficult year, and no, I probably haven't been a very good girl, but I'm on the mend. (I'm still married, so that should say a lot right there...)

So, for Christmas, this year, I'd really like to sell my trailer. Could you arrange a buyer for me? that would be great.

If that's not in your ability, I think I might go for an agent for my writing. You know, someone who's as goofy as I am, and will appreciate me and my pink hair, as well as enjoy my writing enough to sell it.

That would be great.


PS: The cookies will be out, Chrissy will be tucked in her bed, and I am writing more, so I hope to hear your christmas bells this year!

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I honestly cannot remember writing a letter to Santa, when I was kid. Getting old(er) - memory blockage, maybe !!!Great blog.

JoAnn Ross said...

Faye -- I haven't been ignoring you. I'm just so deadline focused I can't be nearly as clever as y'all, so I'm not even going to try. But I did want to say that I think it's a way cool challenge.

xoxo, and ho, ho, ho

JoAnn who also always leaves carrots for the reindeer :) said...

I can't best Nancy's letter, so I won't even try. I'll just say "ditto, Santa!"