Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Prey

When I got married in 1993, I was never really stressed, but about a month before the wedding I had some nerves and anxiety. I worried about the dress and the flowers and the cake and the reception and whether so-and-so was coming, and why did so-and-so send regrets and whether I was ready for marriage. Basically, everything.

But the night before my wedding day, I was at peace. Calm. Unflustered and mellow. I walked down the aisle slowly, smiling, stress-free.

That is how I feel today.

A few weeks ago, I worried about my release date. I worried about the book. What if no one bought it. What if they bought it but hated it and didn't buy the next one. What if there was a glaring typo that changed the entire meaning of a sentence. What if I didn't sell-through. What if my friends read it and wonder what I was smoking when I wrote it.

But today, I'm not stressed. Not about the things I can't change. Not about the things I can't fix. Not about whether people love or hate my characters or think I'm a great writer or wonder how I got a contract.

Because I know there's no turning back. The book is done, it's out, and I'm writing the next story.

So . . . what's THE PREY about?

It's a romantic suspense . . . because I love suspense, and romance raises the stakes. What's better than two people in danger who must risk their lives to save their loved ones? Or right terrible wrongs? Or stop a vicious killer before he strikes again? When they are in love, everything matters more.

My one-sentence pitch is: Ex-FBI agent turned crime fiction writer wakes up one morning to discover someone is using her books as blueprints for murder.

I have an excerpt posted on my webpage. If you click on my webpage, you can see a brief book trailer in flash--it only takes about 30 seconds to load on a dial-up, and it's instanteous on high-speed internet.

So. Today is the day. I'm off to participate in my first book signing. I won't be alone, my good friend and fellow blogger at Murder She Writes, Karin Tabke, will be out in the trenches with me.

And now I can finally say I am really published.


Milady Insanity said...

Congratulations, Allison!

JoAnn Ross said...

Enjoy your special day, Sweetie! So, what did you decide to do to celebrate?

Imo, ho, steamy sex is always a good option for celebrating just about anything. ;)


JoAnn Ross said...

Whoa. Okay, I thought I'd posted a follow-up, but it didn't seem to come through. . .

Anyway, make that HOT steamy sex. Boy, does leaving that t off hot change the meaning of that word! LOL

That's the last time I comment on a blog before my first cup of coffee!

L. Faye Hughes said...

Mega congrats, Allison!!

And I'm laughing about JoAnn's "ho" typo. (I should talk, though. I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard until after my second cup of coffee.)

Faye,who's off to add another book to her TBR stack.

Allison Brennan said...

Thanks gang! Ho, hot, it's all the same, right? LOL.

Edie said...

Congrats, Allison!!!! I'm eager for my Amazon order to come with your and Karin's books.

pam said...

Congrats Allison, am looking forward to reading all your books!

:) Pam

Allison Brennan said...

Thanks Edie and Pam! As I was leaving the signing today, the manager was putting the rest of the signed books next to Nora's on the display stand at the front of the store . . . I wish I'd had a camera.

Alfie said...

Congrats, Allison. Hope the signing was one huge funfest and everything you've dreamed of. I'm looking forward to reading the book. (And wondering about the ho sex...)


Michelle Diener said...

Allison, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. You've worked hard and you deserve the sense of satisfaction this must give you. Congratulations.

Colleen Thompson said...

Congratulations, Allison! I'm looking forward to reading The Prey, too. What a terrific premise.