Monday, December 26, 2005

What was I THINKING?

The refrigerator is stuffed with leftover food--way too much for my husband and I to eat. The candy dishes are filled to the brim with candy that I should never have bought. There are stacks of soft drinks in the utility room--and neither Dick nor I ever drink soft drinks. And the desserts! I froze half a cake that one of our guests left with us, there's 3/4 of a pumpkin pie in the fridge, as well as a big chunk of the flan cake our daughter Kim brought yesterday.

So what's the point I'm trying to make?

Have no clue. Maybe that excess is part of the whole Christmas experience? Or that I've never learned how to plan a holiday meal? Or maybe that it's all the fault of our cavemen ancestors. To them, having lots of food meant they would survive another day.

No matter. Christmas was wonderful in the Kay household and I hope it was wonderful in yours.



Allison Brennan said...

The Brennan's celebrated a fabulous Christmas. It started Christmas Eve by going to mass ... daughter #2 sings in the children's choir. We normally don't bring our two littlest to church (we tag-team it ... I go to early mass, hubby goes to a later mass), but they were actually very good . . . it was the four year old who acted up!

We listened to Christmas music, eat, wrapped presents, and had fun . . . went to bed too late and got up too early and spent hours enjoying gift giving. The kids were gracious and thankful and had a lot of fun, and so did I . . . hubby gave me a laptop! And it's fabulous. Almost better ... he hooked us up with high-speed internet (I've been on dial-up forever).

And he gave me a wine cooler. Now, for that trip to Napa . . .

Nancy Morse said...

For us, Christmas Eve is dinner at mom & dad's with the rest of the family. Christmas day is everyone at our house for dinner. It's lots of work with tons of food. I feel like I've been on an eating frenzy since Thanksgiving. But when you come from a big Italian family, that's the way it goes. I remember the first time I brought my boyfriend (before he was my husband) over to grandma's for a holiday dinner. The poor protestant boy never saw so much food in his life. We'd eat until we couldn't eat another bite. Then the table was cleared. Then a couple of hours later out would come all the food again and we'd all eat again to grandma's cries of "Manga, manga!" I'm surprised he married me after witnessing such gluttony. Those Christmases were the best, not because of the food, but because of the family--the men telling dirty jokes at the card table,the women cooking their asses off, the little kids running around like banchees and the older cousins trying to be cool.Today, Christmas is slightly less decadent because grandma is long gone and there are fewer of us.

Alfie said...

Leftovers in (and around) my fridge: lots of homemade Chex Party Mix, fudge, little turtle cheesecakes, veggies and dip, cheeseballs and crackers, monkey bread, cookies, chips and dips, guacamole, etc., etc.
The really bad thing for me is feeling obligated to eat it all quick--before the New Year when I'll have to hit the diet again HARD! If lots of junk food means a great holiday, we had one. And it sounds like you did, too. Eat up, Pat. New Years Day is coming!