Monday, January 16, 2006

From a Reliable Source...

Harlequin Romances...Coming To A Comic Book Near You?

A recent article in the Toronto Star details Harlequin’s ambitious new manga imprint, Ginger Blossom, which will offer illustrated romances in conjunction with Oregon-based Dark Horse comics.

Harlequin has been offering its library of romances to a Japanese publisher since the late 1990s; Ginger Blossom will actually feature the artwork from these previously printed Japanese comics, along with the text of romances from their most popular authors.

Read more about it here.


JoAnn Ross said...

This was very interesting. I knew they'd been doing something in the Japanese market, but using manga for Penny Jordan and Betty Neels books is something I sure woudn't have expected. It also makes me want to go dig out all my old contracts to check the royalty percentage for comics. :)

Sharon Schulze said...

The manga books as they're done in Japan are lovely. Several of my Harlequin Historicals (medievals) have been done as manga books. Since we don't get copies of them, I ordered one of them from It's really well done . . . and what a thrill to see my characters and scenes depicted in pictures! The story was clear even though I couldn't read the Japanese dialogue and captions.

I'm assuming the Dark Horse versions will be in English; I can't wait to see them.