Friday, March 31, 2006

The Pause that Refreshes

I read my horoscope because it's on the same page as the crossword puzzle, which I work regularly because two of my grandparents died of Alzheimer's and they say regular brain work can help stave that off. But, back to the horoscope. I generally read it and forget it in ten seconds (because I'm trying to think of a 5-letter word for "battery terminal"), except when it seems to resonate with something I have planned.

Today, my horoscope said "An outing with an imaginative friend will be just what you need. Talk about everything. You'll emerge with a clean perspective."

This is exactly what I have planned. Today, I am climbing into my silver beast and driving the five-and-a-half hours to Dallas and the Dreamin' in Dallas conference where I will meet my very best friends in the world and many other good friends and talk writing all weekend.

My critique partners/roommates have brainstorming sessions planned for Friday and Saturday nights. I even printed out vague story ideas I've been playing with for a while so I won't forget to haul them out and figure out a plot for them with my friends. I know they have ideas they want to plot too. We do this every time we can manage to get together face-to-face, and we look forward to it for weeks. Even months.

Yes, the Dreamin' in Dallas conference is a fabulous one. I learned to stiffen my shy spine and chat with editors there without falling all over my tongue. I made the connection there with the agent who now handles my books. The workshops are well planned and always fascinating. But for me, the very best part is meeting with my imaginative writer friends and brainstorming. Talking about everything. I know I'll come home with a clean perspective.

I'll be stimulated and refreshed and excited about this crazy business of ours. I'll be ready to plunge back into those revisions waiting for me on my desk. I'll have decent plots for those vague ideas, ready to be started once the revisions are done. And I'll have had a great time with my best friends. (Oh, and I get to have Sunday dinner with my oldest son and his two little boys too--extra special bonus to the trip.)

I can't wait!

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Alfie said...

Looking forward to hearing about your productive and inspiring weekend.