Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Heart of the Amazon

The jungle sought to claim her. Assassins meant to silence her.

There was no way her brother was dead. Officials claimed the biochemist had been murdered in the Brazilian rainforest, his body fallen prey to the mists of the jungle. But Kate Collier knew Zach and couldn’t leave it at that; Zach was all she had left.

Tall, dark and mysterious. A.C. Slader had a past that was as turbulent as the Amazon River. Yet he was the only one who could guide her on a journey from which many never returned. A journey that would stretch the limits of their faith in God and each other...

This is my Love Inspired Suspense (Heart of the Amazon) for January 2007. I think of this book as the African Queen meets Romancing the Stone. I had so much fun writing this adventurous romp. I even visited the jungle to get the feel of the place down right for my book. I remember trekking through the rainforest in knee high rubber boots, waiting for a snake to fall from a branch (thankfully one didn’t). The place was often very quiet except for my sloshing. They don’t call it a rainforest for nothing. When I got through with my hike, I was covered in mud and had to throw away my outfit. I couldn’t get the mud out of the clothes.

You can read the first chapter on my web site.
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L. Faye Hughes said...


I LOVED Romancing the Stone. Your book sounds wonderful.

That's so awesome, too, that you got to go to the jungle to do research. How long were you there? Details, details. We want details. LOL.


Nancy Morse said...

The book sounds great, Margaret. The African Queen is one of my favorite movies of all time. And sloshing through the rain forest had to be awesome.

Margaret Daley said...

By the time I was through hiking, I was sweating so much. The humidity is high!!! There are parts of the jungle that are easy to get through because most of the activity is up high in the tree tops. I saw monkeys and birds but not much else. So many animals are very well hidden (which I'm glad because I didn't want to see a snake in the wild).


Christie Craig said...


It sounds wonderful. I love romps.