Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just For Fun

Forgive me if this all runs together; it's been a while since I posted to a blog and I'm relearning how to work the site.
Book signings--an exciting event where everything you worked for comes together OR your worst nightmare? To date I've only done a few, but I've been lucky and they've been well attended. Locally, of course, I have my RWA chapter to thank for that!--Thank you Louisville Romance Writers!!!!
I'll be doing some book signings in the next couple of months. If you're close by and able to drop in, I'd love to meet up with you at one of them!!!
On the table will be: The World According To Ali.This book is a fun, light, sexy read. I so enjoyed writing it!
You know how every once in a while you get that urge to read something fun and fast and just a little bit naughty? Well, that's Ali. Like every other woman out there in the dating world, she just wants to meet a nice guy and have a little fun. She's confident, outrageous, and. . .just a little bit naughty. Hey, dating is hard work. Just ask Jordan Finch. . .
He met Ali MacPherson at a party he didn’t want to attend.
She warned him she was a fast girl, then wrote her number on a paper towel in flaming red lipstick and dared him to call her.
Charleston-bred Jordan Finch is a divorced single father starting over in Chicago. His time is divided between re-establishing his architectural firm and rearing a teenage daughter, so dating hasn't exactly been high on his list of priorities. Until he met Ali. Now he's juggling a love-struck daughter, business, and the most outrageously sexy woman he's ever met—while trying to remain calm about the fact that custody of his daughter could hinge on the behavior of those he associates with.
Ali MacPherson takes what she wants from life. A self-made, successful businesswoman, she runs a boutique featuring a "to hell with men" section, guaranteed to make a woman feel better about herself, including teenage girls hoping to make their prom dates go blind. But after her last disastrous date, she's ready to swear off dating altogether. There's just one problem—now that she's met the elegantly handsome Jordan Finch, she's having one of her urges…
February 10, 2007—Author Signing, 2 p.m.Barnes and Noble, The Summit,4100 Summit Plaza DriveLouisville. Ky 40241502-327-0410
T. L. will be signing award-winning book The World According To Ali
Door Prizes--A signed copy of her upcoming release:
Object Of His Affection, In Stores Soon!
Your choice of FREE bestselling book--mailed to you free of charge
April 14, 2007—The Bookstore, author signing, 2-4 pm.301 W. Lincoln Trail Blvd.Radcliff, Ky 40160270-351-1801
The World According To Ali--In Stores Now!Winner 2006 LORIES-Single Title; 2nd- Anne-Bonney Readers Choice Award
Object Of His Affection--In Stores Soon! Don't wait, order yours today at Cerridwen Print Store


Ellie K. said...

Love your Ali book - would love to see you at an upcoming signing. Ellie K.

Sara Reinke said...

I agree -- "Ali" is a GREAT read, and definitely deserves the awards it has won! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of "Object of His Affection."

:) Sara

Anonymous said...

I loved "Ali" and can't wait to read the next story.

LA Day said...

"Ali" is wonderful. Can't wait for "Object of His Affection." Will see ya at the book signing.


meardaba said...

Man, sometimes I wish I lived in the States...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed getting to know Ali and Jordan in The World According to Ali! Great characters with more layers than scallions. Funny, sassy, and subtle.

Can't wait for Object of His Affection!