Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Great Hot Soup for a Winter Tempting Tuesday

The dh and I do this monthly supper thing where we have to make/share cuisines from different places. I'm not a good cook, and some of the other participants are chef-level, so I always stress about what to bring. For German cuisine a few months ago, I tried this soup that sounded...interesting. It was great. Easy to make and very delicious. Potatoes, cream and cucumbers are the main ingredients. I used tender skinned potatoes and didn't peel, but you'd want to if you use potatoes with a tougher skin.

You can find the recipe here (I don't want to cut and paste, since I used the site recipe and want to give them credit...aren't internet recipe sites the best ever?): Gurken und Kartoffelsuppe.

Highly recommended for soup lovers withstanding winter (although the Northeast has been amazing warm so far).




Nancy Morse said...

I thought Tuesdays were for what we're reading, but what we're eating sounds good, too. My mom makes the most delicious home-made soups and I've been accumulating the recipes for when she's no longer around. I make a great carrot soup which is from a French recipe. When my husband and I were living in NY and spent our Thanksgivings alone because my family is in FL and his family...well, that's another story...carrot soup was always on the menu. But since we've been in FL for the past 15 years, soup on Thanksgiving Day is something we call The Little Meatball Soup. You can imagine that carrot soup wouldn't go over well with my Sicilian relatives. Anything with meatballs in it is a big hit.

L. Faye Hughes said...


I'm not much of a cook, either, but that does sound delicious!

And about the weather...girl, it can stay like this all winter long.

Faye, who lives in Snow Hell, New York, which is remarkably snow-free these days

JoAnn Ross said...

Kelly, If I hadn't already blown my South Beach yesterday with my sweetie's annual New Years biscuits, two mimosas, AND popcorn during the Rose Bowl, I would be downstairs in the kitchen whipping up that potato soup right now. (I'm Irish. I could live on potatoes. lol)

I love making soups. One I make a lot for company to go with my Joy of Cooking chicken cacciatore is a minestrone with miniature meatballs that always goes over well.

And Nancy, we are talking about reading. Reading recipes. ;)

Actually, along those lines, I read in USA Today this morning that while young people aren't cooking all that much anymore, they are spending a LOT of time watching other people cook on TV (Gotta admit, I love Top Chef!) and buying books with beautiful pictures of food. Sort of like, I guess, food porn. lol

L. Faye Hughes said...

Food porn?

LOL! Love it, JoAnn. And, yeah. I love Top Chef, too. I even get a kick out of Iron Chef. lol.


Nancy Morse said...

Reading recipes, right. I must have gotten carried away with the prospect of more food. As if all that holiday gorging wasn't enough.

JoAnn, did you say mini meatballs? You're one Irish girl who would fit right in amongst all us Sicilians.

JoAnn Ross said...

Nancy -- The mini meat balls are delcious, if I do say so myself, made with part ground beef, part italian sausage, lots of spices and spinach. Everyone always raves; I usually put two or three each soup bowls.

Italian cooking is one of my favorite things to do; we've actually pretty much stopped eating Italian out both in AZ and in Knoxville because, except for one mob meeting place in Phoenix where the food was to die for (maybe literally in some people's cases, since the mafia Bonanno family ate there a lot and all the old men were always talking in Italian) we can't find a restaurant with as good as food as I can make at home. (Though I probably wouldn't come close to any of your family!)

Faye, I love Iron Chef, too, but prefer the Japanese version where everything just seemed more hectic and dramatic, for some reason. I tried watching Hell's Kitchen, but that just seemed more about screaming in people's faces, than cooking, so I gave up on it.

K said...

Top Chef, Rachael Ray...I have a long standing tradition of watching cooking shows (anyone old enough to remember the Galloping Gourmet? loved him, even when I was a kid). I just don't like to cook because I never get it to look/taste/smell like better cooks do.

My favorite thing on Top Chef are the quickfire challenges. How do they come up with attractive dishes when they're limited to vending machine fare, or have to cook on an open firepit on the beach? I wish I could *taste* those dishes.

And Faye...I agree about the weather, and I hail from the great state of Maine.


JoAnn Ross said...

Oh, I loved the Galloping Gourmet! Remember that Frugal Gourmet who was on PBS and lived in Seattle? Jeff Smith, I think? Anyway, he cooked my kid -- and five other Pomona College students who were on a singing tour -- dinner one time when they were in Seattle. The choir director, who was also on tour with them, was a good friend, apparently.

I also love the quickfire challenges.

As for the strange weather, down here the kids across the street have been playing basketball in those sleeveless uniform shirts and shorts all day. And my confused Dogwoods and Redbuds are trying to bud. I know we're the South, but we've been known to have snow on the ground this time of year.

Christie Craig said...


The soup sounds wonderful. Nothing like soup on cold days. Sometimes I feel as if I'm one of the few women who still enjoys cooking. It's good to know I'm not.


L. Faye Hughes said...

Okay, I'm craving soup today. I'm heading out to meet some friends at a local steakhouse. I was planning to get a salad but I think I'm going for soup. lol.

JoAnn, I watched a few episodes of Hell's Kitchen. Ramsey is hot but it just didn't work for me.

And Kelly, I'm hoping this mild winter lasts, although all the locals who depend on winter tourism/snowplowing/etc. for survival are not happy. Me...I'm enjoying the 50 degree weather today!