Monday, November 07, 2005

Diamonds, chocolate...or movies???

Funny you should mention product placement in novels, Bron. I thought my upcoming release, Lights! Camera! Fiction: A Movie Lovers Guide to Writing a Novel, was a logical match for a movie rental company such as Blockbuster or NetFlix since the assignment for each 'lesson' in the book is watching a movie. Wrong. I was told (snottily by one of them) that they did not "do cross promotions with books."
So I became an affiliate.
And here's a little shameless promo: Want to help prove that product placement or cross-promotion with books is a great idea? Go here:
Get a month of Netflix free. On me. Try it. If you rent three or more movies a month, you'll love NetFlix.
Who knows, maybe diamonds and chocolate will be next if companies see the value of a little cross promotion.


Monkey Migraine said...

That does stink. People need to think outside the box. Then again, movie companies are kind of in competition with books in a sense. Why read a book when you could be watching a movie? But I do agree it's a nice fit. And good job thinking of it, even if they didn't accept it.

Alfie said...

Hey, Monkey Migraine (who are you and where did you get that name??? It sounds painful. Inquiring minds want to know.) this really works out better for me in the long run but I did think they were idiots since my book will guarantee any buyers will rent movies. Oh well. Their loss.

Thanks for liking the idea.


Monkey Migraine said...

Check out my blog profile for an entirely inaccurate description of who I am. Truth is, I just like the sound of the name. It kind of rhymes if you say it fast. And if you say it fast enough, long enough, you'll get bored.