Sunday, February 26, 2006

Indulge Yourself

Used to be, every holiday I’d lock the bathroom door, leaving my husband to deal with the girls, and take a long, luxurious bubble bath. Inevitably one daughter or another (we have three) would knock on the door and demand to come in. Because t I needed that small piece of alone time I ignored their pleas. But someplace along the way the baths stopped. Too busy to spare the time, I guess.

Now my daughters are grown and on their own. Even so, it took a friend’s thoughtful gift to lure me back to the tub. For my birthday, this friend bought me six Lush bubble bath balls, each with a different scent and shape. I’ve been using those balls, half at a time—they’re big!—for a Sunday morning indulgence. So pleasant to relax in a scented, suds-filled tub, listen to music, and let my mind wander. I always emerge feeling relaxed and revitalized, ready for whatever the day brings.

What do you do to indulge yourself?


Milady Insanity said...

Mornings on the train without reading to do. LOL. I stopped that after realising that I'd only have to reread what I had covered on the train later because none of it makes sense so early in the morning.

Seriously though, chat-time with my best galpals and time with the needle--I'm a cross-stitcher.

Ann Roth said...

Ooh, cross-stitch. That sounds lovely, Milady. And you're making something for all to see. I agree too, that time with girlfriends is the best!

Shanna Swendson said...

Reading is still my favorite indulgence -- and I mean a good wallow in books. I make a pot of tea and settle in on the chaise lounge in my "library" with a book and no timetable of when I have to stop. If I want to read the whole book at one sitting, I can. It's best of all if it's a rainy day and I can read to the backdrop of the sound of rain on the roof.

Unfortunately, my family has a weird knack for calling me just as my tea is ready. I almost missed my rain yesterday when my brother called.

Rhonda said...

A good book and of course just a little bit of chocolate!