Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday thoughts

It occurs to me that I don't actually have any Sunday thoughts. Sundays are for not-thinking. And church and naps and and working the NYT crossword puzzle (which I'm not sure qualifies as real thinking--and I didn't cheat today but a little tiny bit) and stuff like that. And for reading.

Is there anything better than curling up with a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon? And now that I've finished the Book That Would Not End, I'm taking a few days off to read.

This past week, I read four really good books in four different genres/subgenres. Anne Stuart's The Devil's Waltz is a Regency era (I think--19th century British, anyway) historical romance with her patented so-bad boy. Rachel Gibson's Sex, Lies and Online Dating is a contemporary romantic comedy with a dash of suspense. To the Brink by Cindy Gerard is a hard-driving romantic suspense adventure-in-the-jungle, and The Destined Queen by Deborah Hale is a romantic fantasy about a war of liberation with magic. I enjoyed every one of them immensely. (Hmm--I read Cathie Linz's Good Girls Do, as well, but couldn't find it when I went looking for this week's was great too--a really fun romantic comedy with depth, about a librarian and a bad boy.)

I think I read so many different types of books first, because it takes a lot of books to fill me up, and second, because I'm the type that likes a lot of variety. My dad has lived on the Breakfast of Champions--his bowl of Wheaties--as long as I can remember, and my mom's about the same. I want something different nearly every day. (Though I do occasionally binge on Honey Nut Cheerios several days in a row.) When I order fajitas in a restaurant and people ask whether I want beef or chicken, I usually say "Can I have both?" And I like my quesadillas with spinach and chicken. Same thing in my reading. I want it all.

Anyway, I acknowledge that I probably read in more romance subgenres than most but what are your favorites and why? Which subgenres do you read outside the one you write (if you're a writer)?


Milady Insanity said...

Oh I've Deborah Hale's The Wizard's Ward to read, then I can read my copy of Destined Queen.

I really want to read your books though.

Milady Insanity said...

Sigh.. teach me not to hit the enter button so fast...

I read almost exclusively in paranormal or fantasy romance, and some romantic suspense. I write fantasy though--with and without romance.

Geri Buckley Borcz said...

I like variety, too, Gail. Generally, I read across the board, but my likes comes in spurts, and I suspect that's probably connected in some way with whatever's going on in my life at the time. Right now, I'm trying to get repairmen to return calls and show up when they say they will. My reading? I'm on a fantasy binge.