Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why do you write erotic romance?

My latest book, BAD BOYS AHOY!, released this month and because of that I did a lot of interviews as part of my promotion plan for the book. One of the interview questions that came up with some regularity asked why I write erotic romance.

Interviewer: Have all your books been erotic romance stories? Why do you think you're drawn to that genre?

Sylvia: Yes, I write exclusively erotic romance. In my stories, the pivotal turning points of the romance happen during the unguarded intimacy of lovemaking. Afterwards, the increased sexual tension between the characters as they struggle to stay emotionally distant while physically craving each other is powerful, and oftentimes heart wrenching.

That's where the joy of writing comes into play for me. Those moments in a love story are what make this job my dream career.

...the pivotal turning points of the romance happen during the unguarded intimacy of lovemaking.

Basically, the sex can't be removed without damaging the story. Yes, the sex is hot and graphic, but the reasons my characters are having sex with each other are emotional. It may not be love (at first). It may be fear of intimacy, or anger at unfamiliar vulnerability. The range of emotions is wide, and each unique character has their own motivations, but in my stories falling in love happens while falling into bed.

I love it. I love writing the angst, the emotion, the passion, the romance. One of my editors, Kate Duffy, said, "Erotic romance is sexual love and desire combined with deep emotional commitment. It is not erotica. It is, first and foremost, romance, exemplified by its sexual expression."

I love expressing romance through physical intimacy, and I'm grateful everyday that the market is embracing the genre so warmly.


Sharon Page said...

You've really caught the essence of erotic romance, Sylvia. As well, Kate Duffy's description is fabulous. I write erotic romance for Kensington Aphrodisia and your words expressed exactly what I love about writing in the genre.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia, your post beautifully defined erotic romance. Thank you. And Sharon, just about everything Kate Duffy says is fabulous. And, yes, I write for her, too