Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Now that we have a theme, I'll weigh in. I just finished reading The Rome Affair by Laura Caldwell. In fact, I read it twice and put it on my keeper shelf. It was great. I highly recommend it.


JoAnn Ross said...

I just finished J.D. Robb's Born in Death. What fun watching Roarke and Eve have to be Mavis' birthing coaches! (Needless to say, they'd rather be dealing with murder and mayhem, lol)

Since I wasn't sleepy yet when I finished it last night, I moved on to John Sandford's Death Watch, which isn't one of his Lucas books (which are my faves), but I was looking forward to reading it.

I was thirty pages in and enjoying the mystery, but then, this afternoon, I went to Target buying toys for our local Angel Trees charity, saw Eileen Dreyer's Sinners and Saints, scooped it up, and am going to switch tonight. It's too long between Eileen's books anyway, and somehow I missed this in hardcover, so I'm really excited to have found it.

Terry Z McDermid said...

I had the J.D. Robb book on hold at the library and was afraid I'd miss the deadline to pick it up when our town shut down for snow. I was sad I didn't have it to read in front of the fire but looking forward to it soon.

Fortunately, I always have books at the ready and grabbed one I was saving to read on our Christmas trip. I just discovered a new author who belongs to my semi-local group (within driving distance). Her name is Diana Groe and the books are Maidensong and Erinsong. I picked up both of them and was very glad I did. I finished Maidensong and jumped right into Erinsong. Their historicals set during the Viking period and very colorful, well-written, and dynamic. Maidensong includes Constantinople as part of the setting and Erinsong is set in Ireland.

Gail Dayton said...

I have to admit, I didn't care much for The Rome Affair. Isn't it great that there are books for everybody? (I donated my copy to the local library.)

The most recent book(s) I read and enjoyed were a 2-in-1 fantasy called Swords of Riverside by Ellen Kushner, a mix of political intrigue, swashbuckling and intense emotion seething just under the surface.

Sharon Schulze said...

I've discovered a new-to-me author; it turns out I've read several of her historicals (published as Sara Bennett). I saw some information recently (can't recall where) about the "Immortal Warriors", a new time travel series by Sara Mackenzie. The premise intrigued me, and I picked up the first, Return of the Highlander. Wow! I really enjoyed it. My next trip to Borders I picked up the next two, Secrets of the Highwayman and Passions of the Ghost.

The last couple of days I managed to fit in the Highwayman book between writing, Christmas shopping and assorted other stuff. I enjoyed it even more than the first, and just started Passions of the Ghost with my breakfast this morning. I had to tear myself away from it to get to work (this hero is a medieval warrior from the Welsh Marches--right up my alley!).

The heroes are sexy, intriguing, and worthy of their heroines (who aren't slouches, either :-)). Very enjoyable reads--and there's the promise of more "Immortal Warriors" in the future.