Sunday, December 24, 2006

Was That a Sleigh I Just Saw?

Okay, so maybe it's a tad too early for Santa to arrive here on the East Coast, but it's not too early to pull out the hot chocolate and spend some quality time with the wonderful folks at NORAD as they track Santa's progress.

Since the 1950's, the men and women of NORAD (and CONAD, before them) have been working tirelessly to provide the children of the US and Canada with information on Santa's trek around the world on Christmas Eve. This year is no different.

So, pour that hot chocolate, check out Santa's progress at, and have a joyous and magical Christmas.



Nancy Morse said...

It's Christmas Eve. The presents are under the tree. The cookies are baked. The ham is defrosting for tomorrow's feast. Everything that can be prepared in advance is sitting under foil and plastic wrap in the frige. And suddenly, can it be,I have nothing left to do. The frantic pace of the last few weeks has trickled down to a crawl. So I think I'll track Santa's progress. I may not have been totally good this year, but I also haven't looted, pillaged or plundered, so he must have something in his bag for me.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday.

JoAnn Ross said...

Oh, I love tracking Santa all over the world with Norad! This is the first year I didn't do it, and as I went to bed last night, I just had to hope and trust he was on his way.

Did y'all know that the tracking started because the wrong phone number once got put in a local paper and kids started calling Norad for Santa. Not wanting to disappoint, the guys (and I suspect they were all guys in those days) jumped in to fill the Santa gap.

Hope everyone's having a very merry Christmas and warmest wishes for a fabulous new year!