Thursday, December 21, 2006

Twice a Virgin!

Thought that would get everyone's attention, lol!

Ask any published author and they can tell you about their first time…first time getting The Call, that is.

They will remember exactly where they were, what the weather was like, who was there. They'll tell you about that giddy feeling when their editor (or agent) said those magic words: we want to buy your book.

My Call came in 2004. I experienced all the usual spectrum of emotions: elation, terror, skepticism—this must be a joke, right? Or some horrible mistake? Followed by the glow of accomplishment.

Ahh…the bliss. Of course, then comes the waiting, then the hurrying with copy edits, then more waiting, then more rushing around trying to update websites, design bookmarks, start a blog, explaining to Great Aunt Martha that yes, your book will be published for real, NYC publisher, and yes, she will be able to buy it at a real life bookstore….

I did all that and more. But no book. C'est la vie. Cover art difficulties stranded it in publishing limbo and it may never get published. Sigh…try explaining that to Great Aunt Martha.

Discouraging, yes. But hey, if you're going to dream, you have to dream big. So I kept on going, found a wonderful new agent, and with her help and the encouragement and support of so many friends, I continued to write.

Then something wonderful happened.

An editor called my agent. Would I consider creating a new medical suspense series for them? Think Grey's Anatomy meets ER.

Yes, The Call!! Let me tell you, it's just as sweet the second time around! Happy little snoopy dances that sent the cat scrambling under the nearest chair, screams of delight as soon as I hung up the phone, that giddy feeling of your stomach turning cartwheels—all back again!

So…drumroll, please…I'm happy and most excited to report that I'll now be writing for Berkley. The first book will be released early 2008.

The series will feature the lives and loves of five women who work at Angels of Mercy Medical Center. Like all my work, in addition to the romances, the books will be filled with gritty medical details and edgy suspense. I hope to have more details posted on my website ( next month.

And me? I'm still smiling, blushing, and dancing happy jigs every time I talk with my editor (who is amazing!) or when I sit down to work on the project, so I don't expect this honeymoon to be over any time soon! I'm looking forward to many years of wedding bliss with my new partners over at Berkley.

Thanks for sharing my celebration!


Alyssa Day said...

Congratulations!! what a wonderful holiday gift.

CJ Lyons said...

Thanks Alyssa! The timing couldn't be more perfect!

Anonymous said...

Mega Congrats, CJ!! Celebrate large!

Faye, tossing handfuls of glittery gold confetti into the air and generally making merry.

JoAnn Ross said...

Congratulations, CJ! That's wonderful news! My Cajun Dancing Boys have added stethoscopes to their red velvet bows and bells in your honor!

Christie Craig said...


You go, girl!

It does feel really, really good, doesn't it.


CJ Lyons said...

Thanks everyone!! Wishing you all a wonderful, wonderful winter holiday!
CJ (boy do those stethoscopes bounce alot when those guys start dancing admidst the confetti!)

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hooray, CJ!! I'm jumping up and down--well, figuratively. This sounds perfect...and very well deserved.

MaryF said...

Sounds right up my alley! Congratulations!