Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow

My new, sexy, funny romantic suspense (still spine-catagorized as contemporary for whatever reason known to the world of publishing) is now AVAILABLE...

Five O'Clock Shadow Kensington ISBN 0821779788

First, some promo/reviews; then a little background on the book.

Let's see, RT gave it four and a half stars and all of the reviews so far have been great, which warms my heart, and who knows, might improve my ranking on Amazon.

RT said - "A thoroughly engaging heroine whose witty, first-person voice and palpable love of music make this novel terrific. Davis gives all her characters strong dialogue, unique personality
traits and an amusing, offbeat plot to work their way through. But Jessie's narrative is especially delightful. The song references are great fun and in keeping with the heroine's point of view, while her relationship with the hero is steamy but with an underlying tenderness that makes their love scenes compelling.

Romance Reviews said - "...readers will soon fall in love with the dark, sexy man who captures Jessie's heart. The heart and soul of FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW, however, is the suspense that pulls you into the story and grips you till the end. I had an inkling of who was
behind the threats, but even then, it isn't really obvious. It is those kinds of red herrings
which mark FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW as an excellently told tale. Danger and passion fill the pages of FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW, and if readers haven't picked up a Genie Davis book yet, then I urge them to do so today."

And Booklist said - "Davis' romance is fun and entertaining with a real man's man as the romantic lead..."

Here's MY blurb about the book --
Jessie Adams, indie-rock DJ, part-time musician, and full-time fool for long haired rockers
makes a run for local political office to help save her best friend's music club, and finds danger in a stranger's threats and an intense affair with Chuck, a cop with his own cause. When your life depends on surviving both love and a political campaign, winning is only half the battle.

And now for a little bit of background after the endless promotion:

The small town politics in this book were inspired by my own local run for school board...although no one tried to kill me and I never met ANYONE like Chuck, I'm sure alot of people wanted to kill me for my views about the public schools in my town (not positive) It was also in part inspired by hilarious in fighting on a PTA board ...the sort of stuff that if you put in a book as it happened no one would believe it was true. Improbable! Unlikely! A PTA! That's supposed to be civilized, unlike, say, publishing...oh, I changed the name of my town to a fictious town -- only to find out later (but too late to change!) that such a town by such a name does exist nearby.

Lastly, the back cover copy refers to Waikiki. The book has nothing but a glancing reference to Waikiki. The book was running too long and I cut out a hundred pages prior to turning in the complete manuscript. This is what happens when your publisher does not let you see the back cover copy before they print it...


Cheryl Bolen said...

Regarding Waikiki: Oh, Genie, the same thing happened in one of my books. The back blurb has nothing to do with finally published book. Can't believe you had to cut 100 words. Ouch. The most I ever cut was 22.

Your book sounds wonderful. Congratulations on the 4.5 from RT!

Christie Craig said...


Wow. Congrats on the 4.5. I'm a sucker for romantic suspense/romantic comedy. I mean...who says murder can't be funny?

And considering I've just sold my own humorous romantic suspenses to Dorchester, I'll be sure to pick up your book. And just from the back blurb, I can tell I'm going to love it.

Christie Craig

JoAnn Ross said...

Genie, Five O' Clock Shadow sounds like great fun!

I have a journalist/romance writer friend who was bemoaning being taken off the police beat after several years and put on the school boards. Having worked in politics, I assured her she'd get far more crazy story fodder in her new assignment. She didn't believe me. Then about six weeks later, she wrote me an email saying, "Wow! You were right!" LOL

I had one Pocket book a couple years ago where, at the last minute, after an editor change just a couple weeks before the book when to press, I resurrected a dead guy. It worked for the story, but unfortunately, we all forgot that -- oops -- the back cover copy had him dead. I did receive some mail on that one.

Geniewrites2 said...

Thanks for the great comments! Christie, hope you enjoy it...

And I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the back cover copy glitches.

Cheryl, it was my idea to cut - the book was just going on - and Hawaii seemed the appropriate lift/consolidation - was totally flipped out to see it still in the back cover though - everyone KNEW (but forgot I guess) that I cut it.

Thanks for the congratulations -- I had a lot of fun writing the book.