Friday, February 09, 2007

That's not funny!

Fridays are for First Alerts. Upcoming book releases. Booksignings. Appearances. Contests, too. Today, Christie Craig and I will be talking about our upcoming debate about the use of humor in romance fiction, which will be running each Friday for the rest of the month of February.

We’re also running a contest this month. Each person who leaves a comment to our blog entries will be eligible to win a $10.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. What could be simpler?

So...why debate about humor in romance? Well, Christie is my critique partner and I love her madly but, let’s face it. Sometimes, her humor is little...well, over the top. Whenever she reads my work, she tries to add in a naked, tattooed man running down the street if she thinks things are “boring.” Me? Well, my humor is much more...sedate.

Next week, we’ll talk about our different approaches to adding humor to a romance. In the meantime, who are some of your favorite authors who make you laugh? Mine are P.G. Wodehouse (I love the Bertie Wooster stories!) and Elizabeth Peters when it comes to the classics. For humor in romance fiction, I enjoy Jennifer Crusie, Rachel Gibson and Stephanie Bond.



Samantha Hunter said...

Oh, Rachel Gibson -- yes! Forgot her on my list up top, but absolutely.


Nancy Herkness said...

Bill Bryson. I was listening to his book-on-tape "In a Sunburned Country" (about his travels in Australia) while running on the treadmill and I ended up laughing so hard that I literally fell off the machine.

Amie Stuart said...

Stephanie Rowe! =)

L. Faye Hughes said...

Thanks, Nancy and Amie, for the suggestions!

I see my TBR stack getting taller. lol.