Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mixing the Mythic & the Mundane

One of the reasons why I write romance is because I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I finish a good book. That "happily ever after" buzz that means that once again, evil has been vanquished and the hero and heroine who were meant to be together actually does get together in the end. That's why I read it too. However my favorite romance genre is paranormal romance and the reason why is because I can mix the mythic and the mundane. A little bit of real life, a little something out of the ordinary, maybe a big battle of good vs. evil, mix it all up, and it makes a great story!

Take my most recent release, Horse Play (Elemental Elves 1) from Changeling Press. We have a young woman struggling to make ends meet on her horse farm. She raises money for therapeutic riding, and so she buys a handsome horse, thinking to show him. And then she falls off and breaks her arm. Sounds pretty mundane, doesn't it? I mean, anyone who has worked on a horse farm knows the long hours it takes to keep the animals fed, clean, brushed, exercised, and the money these majestic creatures cost. There's a reason why I laughingly refer to my horse as my "Equine money drain." Yet, I added a touch of the mythic in the form of Elves.

You see, this horse isn't just any horse. He's an Earth Elf, and he's come to Clarice's farm with a mission. I've taken the mundane, added a touch of the mythic (something otherworldly) and created a unique world that's completely my own.

Many of my favorite authors do the same thing. And when it's done well, it knocks my socks off, as well as keeps me reading way into the night.

And maybe that's why I love the romance genre. It allows me all the freedom I want to spread my wings, but in the end, I know I'm always in for a good read with a happy ending.


Samantha Hunter said...

This is what attracts me to paranormal as well, the blend of magic and reality. Though I think that's what attracts me to romance in general -- romance, whether it's contemporary or any other genre, really is about magic between two people, finding magic in the world, etc. Para takes that to the next level, which is fun, but I think magic is what makes all romance work. :)


Christie Craig said...

Good post, Mary.

I like playing with some paranormal elements in my books, too. But I think my love of writing and reading romance stems from the fact that I'm addicted to falling in love. I love the mushy feeling I get when my hero and heroine feel that very first tug on the old heart strings. I enjoy throwing hurdles in their way and watching as they conquer all to have the happily ever after.