Friday, February 09, 2007

That's Not Funny PS

Okay, now do you guys see what I mean? I love her but she’s, like, certifiable.

(Notice how I’m totally ignoring her crack about my using the naked, tattooed guy in my book? I just said her humor was over the top; I never said it didn’t work.)



TeriT said...

I've critiqued with Christie in the past, and I agree with Faye--she's one funny lady who can be be "out there", but her humor totally works with her plots. You laugh AND you keep turning those pages. As for who else I read, I also like Kerrelyn Sparks' humor in her vampire books. She makes vampires more human :) than a lot of paranormal writers. More human and fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Kerry's vampire books! They are so funny!

Thanks for another great suggestion, terit!


Kerrelyn said...

Oh, thank you, Terit and Faye! I'm having lots of fun with Vamps. They get to do all the things our mommas told us not to do-- party all night, sleep all day, and play with their food!