Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best Conference Ever!!

I've just returned to my room after the last workshop for the PASIC Power Conference 2007, aka, the Best Conference Ever!

What a blast!

The workshops were awesome - New York was awesome! Many cudos to the entire PASIC Power Conference 2007 committee!


JoAnn said...

Faye -- YAY!!! and huge thanks to everyone involved for a fabulous conference. It's the BEST EVER time I've had at a writers' conference in 25 years. Although the timing couldn't have been worse for me, I'd decided to come as a gift to myself for a tough writing year.

And wow, did it deliver. A gift more precious than any diamonds could be.

See everyone back here in NY in 2009!

JulieOrtolon said...

It was definitely my BEST EVER conference experience. And YAY, I found the blog! Now let's see if I can figure out how to use it.

My favorite part of the conference, other than the great workshops, was going to see The Pirate Queen. What was yours?

Anonymous said...

Julie, I loved the Pirate Queen. (Even if CC and I did get lost on our way there...but then, we got lost on our way to our room from the elevator so what can I say? lol.)


Christie Craig said...


Seriously, Faye and I are like the blind leading the blind. Only Faye claims her eyesight is really bad, and expected me to lead. On the way from the Priate Queen, as we acme upon the hotel entrance, Faye handed out a big dose of praise, "Wow, you made it back to the hotel without getting lost. You did so good."

I probably could have kept my mouth closed, but I told her the truth, "Are you kidding? I was following someone from our group, about twenty feet in front of us, and praying they weren't the ladies who were staying at the different hotel."