Friday, March 23, 2007

The Naked Earl is coming!

Actually, the book's official release date is April 3, but I've seen it in a bookstore already--it's very purple (probably purpler than it looks here!)--and my husband's online order arrived Wednesday. So the Earl is out there.

I've been a bit befuddled about how to react to the book's early appearance. The writer part of me is excited--and nervous. The Earl looks so nice--and purple!--in the bookstore. I thought it stood out quite prominently on the display table--have I mentioned it's purple?--but, on closer inspection...were those fingerprints on the cover? Ack! Ah, but that's good. Someone has touched it. But it's still there, so that someone didn't buy it. Ack, again! Maybe the fingerprints belong to the bookseller who was setting up the display? So the book wasn't wasn't even considered. (I clutch my hair and tug.) Will anyone buy the book?

Deep breath. Get a grip, I exhort myself. But then the promotion devil starts whispering in my ear...your publicity efforts are wasted. The book will trickle out. There's no chance you'll ever make a list of any kind. Your editor will be unhappy. Your career is over....

Sigh. Writers are a tad neurotic...or is it just me?

Anyway, in the normal course of events I'd be boring you all with this info next Friday, but...guess what?? I'll be busy next Friday. I'll be in New York City. I'll be at the PASIC conference! I'll be seeing many of the wonderful ladies who blog here. (And maybe I'll find out if any of them is as neurotic as I--or, better, learn how to cope from the pros.)

PASIC holds its conference once every two years and always in NYC. At the last conference in 2005 I was a rank newbie--my first book, The Naked Duke, had just come out that February. I knew next to nothing about the publishing industry, so the conference was a wonderful learning experience. I eagerly expect the same this time--and maybe this time I'll also learn to put some names and faces together.

Rumor has it that some of our intrepid bloggers will be posting reports from NYC, so be sure to check in and read what they have to say.

Oh, and if you see that handsome, very purple Earl? Feel free to pick him up and take him home. (Well, pay for him first, of course--I don't condone shoplifting.)

And don't worry--I'll remind you again on April 3.


Samantha Hunter said...

LOL Sally -- I think neurosis is part of being a writer, a requirement, really, but I have to admit I never did the fingerprint test...that's a new one. ;)

I love purple, it's a great color scheme for Spring and this time of year. ;)

I wish I could be at PASIC this year -- and I hate that we're not annual! I have to wait two years, but then, I'm looking forward to what the next two years could bring, so I'll just start being excited now about attending the next time, and I'll look forward to everyone's reports...


Nancy Morse said...

I love purple, especially on a book cover. As for the fingerprints and all else, it sounds like you're obsessing. Careful, that can lead to severe paranoia.

I'm going to miss the PASIC conference this year. You'd think it would be easy for me since I have a home in NY, but nooooo. I'm sure the loop will be humming after the conference and I can't wait to hear all about it.

jackietoo said...

Purple is good :D All the NAKED covers have been eye-catching. And I have sooooo been looking forward to reading Robert's and Elizabeth's story. I already have it on order!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Oh, jackietoo, I'm SO glad you've enjoyed the Naked guys! I do hope you like the Earl. (Picture me biting my nails!)

Lol, Nancy. Yes, I think "Obsession" is becoming my middle name! Definitely gotta get a grip--I can feel the germ of paranoia taking root.

Sam, we'll miss you and Nancy in NYC. It's pretty easy for me to get to--I'm in the D.C. area, so I just hop the train. I don't have any little kids to deal with...oh dear. It now dawns on me that "baby"--17 year old high school senior--will be home alone. Oops! Not that he isn't responsible, but...hmm. Don't tell his friends! Maybe the dh should take a couple days off work--or work at home. What do you think?

Kalen Hughes said...

I'll hold my breath with you, Sally. I've seen that people with May releases are starting to talk about their RT scores/reviews and I'm stick to my freaken stomach.

Wish I was going to PASIC, but it was all sold out by the time I joined. :(

Sally MacKenzie said...

Oh, Kalen, you are starting down the slippery slope! Resist--or try to! Don't turn into me.

But, yeah, I totally get the queasy stomach phenomenon. And the pounding heartbeat when you open that May RT--which will be coming any moment now....

Hee hee. I can laugh. The April issue came in February I think.

JoAnn said...


You just mentioned most of the reasons why I quit going in stores when I have a book out years ago. My sweetie, who does all the grocery shopping, reports back when it appears in our local Krogers. Then reports back as it sells. We've developed our own sort of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. If, heaven forbid, it's not showing up or selling, he doesn't tell. And I don't ask. *g*

LOL about the fingerprint test. That's one I never thought of in those days when I was making myself crazy. I have enough problems when I open a carton of books and notice that the pretty foil has scraped off the edge of the cover of the top book, then worry that same thing happened to a gazillion others all over the country that people now won't buy because they look shopworn.

Although I have no business taking any trips with a book due in four weeks, PASIC is a gift I'm treating myself with. (As the L'Oreal ads say, I'm worth it!) Can't wait to see y'all!

Oh, and looking out at my gardens -- which all burst into bloom this week -- I cannot think of a better color for this time of year than purple!

gailbarrett said...

Sally - congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading the book!!! And have fun in NY - wish I could go to the conference but it's just not in my budget this year:(. Hopefully next time....

Sally MacKenzie said...

Ack, JoAnn, I hadn't thought about the gold foil issue. Oh, dear. Something else to worry about, lol! I look forward to seeing you in New York.

Thanks, Gail--I hope you enjoy the Earl. And I wish you could come to PASIC, too. I'm still not totally over the big buildings in NYC. I'm sure I gawk like any hayseed. D.C. is just so much more horizontal a city.

JoAnn Ross said...

Sally, I've flown up on the shuttle to NY before from D.C. while visiting my kid and grandbabies. How long does the train take?

Last time I took the Delta shuttle, we were still on the tarmac at Regan ntl forty minutes after my flight had been scheduled to land, which left me racing around Manhattan to meetings like a woman possessed. (Try literally running on those sidewalks in 4" heels!)

I've been thinking perhaps the train might possibly, hopefully, have more dependable schedules?

Sally MacKenzie said...

JoAnn, I LOVE the train. The regional service from Union Station to Penn Station takes a little under 3 and a half hours. I often sit in the quiet car and work--I've proofed galleys and copy edits on trips. The Acela is faster, but not so much faster--maybe a half hour--and I'm too cheap to pay the higher fare, lol!

JoAnn Ross said...

Sally, that sounds so cool. (Though I can actually write in an airport gate,once I put my cone of silence down, so I don't really need a quiet car, though it sounds lovely.)

And wow, getting in at Penn station is a HUGE plus compared to having to come into the city from the airport. One downside I can see is that I couldn't easily do a one day trip, which may not be such a bad idea.

Last time I got back, wired and exhausted from all the rush-rush day of agent/publisher/taxi, running for the last seat on the shuttle stuff at 7:30 that evening and walked into my kid's house to grandbabies wanting to play.

I instructed my son: Give. Me. Wine. Now.
Then sat down to play Candyland. *g*

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hmm. JoAnn, maybe you should play around with the Amtrak site and see. With all the waiting for flights these days--getting to the airport early, going through security--I'm not sure flying is faster. I just took a peek, and it's possible to catch a 6 am Acela and get up to NYC just before 9am--then come back on a 7pm train to get to Union Station at 9:45. Yes, a long day, but it might be worth seeing what's offered.

And now that I've been singing Amtrak's praises, I'll probably have the train ride from hell this week!