Thursday, March 01, 2007

This Doesn't Happen Every Day

… Heck, for me, it doesn't happen every YEAR. But I'm pleased to say that with the release of MEG'S CONFESSION, I'm no longer a one-book wonder.

It's a nice milestone, to be sure. Now when I search for myself on Amazon, I find two listings instead of one. And while multi-pubbed writers like Nora Roberts may now chuckle fondly over the memory of the first time they had two books to rub together, it's really nice to see them side by side on the shelf.

When that box filled with copies of my first book came, my husband knew just what to do. He took a picture of me sprawled on the living room floor with those books, while we still had them all together. Then we went out to dinner at Sizzler.

This time, we took pictures of me on the floor with MEG'S CONFESSION, although it was a week or so later. And I doubt I'll hit the living room floor with every book I write. (Our carpet is getting old, for one thing.) But I've heard many times that the pleasure of holding that shiny new book in your hands never gets old.

Surely every book is reason for celebration, whether it's the first book or the forty-third. So, is there anything you do to commemorate a new release? Any special traditions?

She ducked into a confessional and told him her darkest secret.
The trouble is … he's not a priest.

Meg's Confession, by Sierra Donovan


JoAnn Ross said...

Sierra, first of all, huge congratulations on that second book! (You should put up the picture for us to see!) Every completed and published book is a big accomplishment and you should be very proud!

I love, love, love! your tag line about the confessional, btw. And am so envious I didn't think of it myself. I've had characters go to confession in my books, but never thought how it could really provide a great setup for a suspense story.

I don't have any traditions for when a book comes out -- did I mention going to the dentist Tuesday on my new book's release day? lol -- but my sweetie did begin a tradition 14 books ago of getting me a piece of Waterford to match some aspect in the book. (He even managed to find a Waterford alligator for Blue Bayou.) I have them all in a tall case in our den, and it's fun to look at them and think back on the writing of the stories. It's also encouraging, when I'm bogged down in a current story, to remind myself that I've been there before and managed to slog my way through tough parts in all those other books. *g*

Because this latest book was shelved for so many months due to Katrina and ended up an entirely different story, he gave me two pieces: the first is the sailboat my hero lives on, and the piece for the final, just out version is a crystal saxophone for New Orleans jazz.

Bonnie Edwards said...

Sierra, I, too LOVE the tagline...what a great idea. So, tell me, is he a carpenter in the confessional doing repairs? Sanding the wall? Painting? What? LOL...

Another for my tbr...


JoAnn Ross said...

I think he's an undercover cop on a stake out. Or, maybe someone who was framed and convicted of a murder he didn't commit, then broke out of prison and is now hiding in the confessional, and he'll have to take the heroine hostage (to save her from the bad guys who are also after him) and they'll be forced to go on the run, and, of course fall in love while trying to stay alive and find the real murderer.

Maybe that should be the subplot of Sierra's blog. We can all guess what the heck he's doing in there, and at the end of the day, she can tell us who's right. LOL

Samantha Hunter said...

OMG I love that tagline -- this book is a must buy!

Congrats on your second book -- they're almost more stressful than the first ones, aren't they? LOL But you have a winner here, for sure.

I don't really have any special traditions or celebrations for my category releases, though I enjoy seeing them on the shelf. I'm usually too busy writing something new or doing promo, or both.

However if I ever sell into paranormal ST, I'm going to have a huge party. I didn't do that when I sold my first Blaze, we just went out to dinner and celebrated quietly, but if I manage to break into ST, I'm going to celebrate bigtime!


Nancy Morse said...

Congratulations Sierra. And I agree on the great tagline. Although I must say, confessionals give me the creeps. It must be my Catholic upbringing. It was scary for a kid going into that thing, all alone in the dark, waiting for that little door to slide open and some faceless voice to grill you into revealing your sins. There were times when I actually made up some sins when that faceless voice asked, "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" I'd better stop. I'm giving myself chills. Anyway, no special traditions here, except that I do sit down with my book and read it from start to finish the way any reader would. It's one thing to read ms pgs and galleys, quite another to read an actual book.

JoAnn Ross said...

Confession never bothered me except for the fact that I'd get pulled in from playing on summer Saturday afternoons every week.

What I remember most is making sure I got in the line to get Father Hasen, who gave shorter penances and got you in and out much faster than Father Murphy. Since most weeks I didn't have anything to report, I also made things up. "I talked back to my mother twice, and teased my sisters three times." Once for each sister.

And ALWAYS received one Our Father, three Hail Marys, and a Glory Be as penance. *g*

Nancy Morse said...

Perhaps the worst part of my Catholic upbringing was having to attend religious instruction every Wed. afternoon. I had to leave my regular clasroom, which made all the other kids look at my like I was from another planet, and trek over to St. Kevin's. For some reason that I don't recall I wasn't confirmed with other kids my age, so they stuck me in with younger kids. Oh, the mortification of it. But the best part of it was being confirmed with all the adults in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Oh, and did I mention that the priest who counciled my husband and me not to spill the seed in the wrong place was also drunk as a skunk during the wedding ceremony? Such lovely memories.

HollyJacobs said...


I love the tag line!! And you know I wish you all the congrats there are on this new book! I'd love to see the picture as well!


gailbarrett said...

Huge congratulations, Sierra! I know how hard that second sale can be, as well as the fear that it won't ever happen. And like everyone else, I LOVE the tagline of your book. I can't wait to read it:))))

Sierra Donovan said...

Whoops ... sorry for any traumatic confessional memories I may have dredged up. I hope the twitching stops soon!

As to how that guy got into the confessional, the winner is ... Bonnie! The hero of MEG'S CONFESSION runs a construction business, and he's there making repairs. (I figure hinges ... it was the best reason I could think of to get him inside with the door closed.)

JoAnn, since I didn't take the romantic suspense angle, you have my full permission to use the premise. We can just split the profits (VBG).

Samantha, best of luck in your pursuit of single title! I'm very fond of paranormal myself ... are yours light or dark?

Nancy, ya know, I haven't read either of my books in their published form! They're too familiar to tempt me yet ... although I did enjoy revisiting them at the galley stage.

(big wave to Holly and Gail Not sure why the picture isn't showing up ... I can see it on my computer!

I want to thank you guys for stopping by today. After over 2 years between books, I was starting to feel like a plant living in the dark!


Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on the second book, Sierra. And the fabulous tagline.

Definitely time for celebration!


Bonnie Edwards said...

Well, isn't that cool? Not being Catholic, I've only every seen confessionals on tv and movies.

I know the second sale can be tough....took my 5 years to make mine!


Jennifer Shirk said...

I enjoyed "Love on the Air", so I can't wait to read this new one!