Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Dark Side

About two years ago I was sitting in a restaurant across from the lovely and talented Barbara Ferrer, and undoubtedly eating something unhealthy, and I admitted I'd been a big Atlantis junkie since I was a little girl. Quite famously (infamously?) in my family lore, I'd announced to everyone when I was 6 that I would discover Atlantis one day.

So I said to Barb: "I'd really like to write about Atlantis. But the books I have in mind are sweeping quest epics, and dark and twisty, and hot and sexy, and I'm just a romantic comedy author."

She said, "Go for it! What do you have to lose?"

And after a little consideration, I did. I even took a new name, Alyssa Day, so I could feel a freedom to go to scary places in my writing that I'd never gone before. Somewhere in the time between then and today, the release date for the first of the Warriors of Poseidon series, ATLANTIS RISING, I realized that the whole "dark side come to life" was a pretty good gig.

If you watch the excellent TV series, HEROES, you'll see that Niki/Jessica has (have?) a similar thing going on. It rocks. Jessica takes the blame for everything! But I've been doing this for more than a year.

Forgot to do laundry? Sorry, Alyssa was busy buying new motorcycle boots.
No groceries in the house? You don't expect a kickass paranormal author to COOK, do you?
Bad, seriously bad PMS? Nope, that was Alyssa yelling. Mom would never say "go to your room before I velcro your brain to the wall." Had to be Alyssa.

My husband, Navy Guy, is delighted by the whole thing. Because Alyssa? has very slinky taste in lingerie . . .

Tell me about YOUR dark side!! And if you're bored and surfing, there's a very cool interview Christine Feehan did with me here!
best wishes, from Alesia
buy the book, already! from Alyssa


JoAnn Ross said...

I bought the book already!!!! Now that I finally faxed off my RITA scores today, I can't wait to read it!

And I have a hard time believing you even have a dark side, sweetie. But I'm willing to suspend disbelief for these books, which I've been dying to read since you first told me about them. I just know they're going to sell gangbusters!

Oh, as for my own dark side. . . well, I only reveal that in my romantic thrillers, so if anyone wants to see it, they'll have to read the books. LOL

Sierra Donovan said...

Dark side? Me? Never.

But I do believe Alyssa has been visiting my household to not buy groceries and not do laundry. At last I know who the culprit is!!