Friday, April 06, 2007

The booksigning event of the Year...

This is Friday, Good Friday and the lists seem quiet. Writers are either writing because they're off from the day job for the day, or they're not writing because of the nature of the holiday.
I'm planning to recuperate from a steady week of writing. Some weeks I write because I have a deadline. Either a real one or one I've given myself.
Other weeks I write because I have a head of steam. Like the old idea about steam locomotives getting up a head of steam in order to pull all those cars...all that freight.
I *had* a head of steam on Monday. I used it to push and pull a load of story along a track. Little by little I wrote all the steam out of my head. Squeezed the brain dry like a used sponge. So, today, I rest. Today, I refill my well. Soon, the well will boil and bubble into another head of steam.
Hopefully by Saturday, so I can pull a few more train cars farther along the track.
But Fridays are for talking about our booksignings and appearances.
The next time I set foot out in public toting books and business cards will be at the Romantic Times convention in Houston.
This will be my first RT. I've heard rumors of parties. Of dancing. Of cover models dancing. Whoo-hoo!
I'm doing what I can to prepare, of course. My excerpts are printed: 1000 each of Midnight Confessions and the sequel MC II. I'm picking up new business cards today. I have my clothes planned. My shoes, well, if not completely comfortable...they all come off easily.
I'll be in Club RT a couple of times...when I'm not slated to be there, I'll probably hang out anyway. I'll have tons of friends to catch up with. My publisher's planning a signing on Friday morning. And finally I'll be at the book fair on Saturday.
I'm a people person, for the most part, so I'm really quite happy talking to strangers. I dance (not well, but enthusiasm must count for something), I play nice and have been told I'm pretty funny.
So, that's all good.
My main concern about RT is: how do I survive? I need tips for getting through 6 days of wild fun and late nights. Anyone?
Any suggestions?
Bonnie Edwards


Christie Craig said...


This will be my first RT as well. I'm looking forward to it. While I'm only going for the weekend, and don't have a book out yet, I'm looking forward to the networking.

Hope to see you there.


Bonnie Edwards said...

Christie, thanks for stopping by! Stop me if you see me in the hall, I'll be the one with the glazed expression. (g)

and no voice!