Friday, April 27, 2007

More flowers

Since there's no one signed up for today and Gail's post inspired me, I'll jump in to share more flowers--these are the flowers my agent sent me for making the USA Today bestseller list.
I was thrilled! Well, of course I was thrilled to make the list, but I was just as thrilled to get the flowers. No one ever sends me flowers, and these just made the whole experience seem more special and more real.
I was looking at them yesterday, admiring them, wishing I had someone to share them with. (I live in a family of men. They just don't get the flowers thing. Food? Yes. A bouquet of cookies? My seventeen year old would have been all over those. But flowers? What are they good for?) And I was thinking how fleeting cut flowers are. By next week they'll be gone.
So here they are, captured on...well, not film--in pixels, maybe?
I'm taking them as a reminder to take time to celebrate every accomplishment--from making a list to making the finals in a contest to finishing a manuscript or even a scene or a bit of dialogue. Take time to pull yourself out of the rat race once in a while, look around, smell the flowers, and just enjoy all you've accomplished.
And on that note, a big congratulations to all the PASIC members who just found out they made the finals of the National Readers' Choice Awards. Way to go, ladies!!


Gail Dayton said...

Congratulations on the flowers (they are gorgeous!) and especially on making that list! Wow! That's fantabulous!

JoAnn Ross said...

Sally, I commented earlier, but for some reason it hasn't shown up. . .

Anyway, huge congratulations on making the list and for having an agent who sends you flowers!

What fun! They're gorgeous, and while they may be fleeting, hey, you'll always have the picture and the special memories.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Thanks, Gail--and congratulations on your anniversary. I was thinking 31 years was a LONG time, but then I realized my 28th is coming up in August! Where does the time go? And we aren't a day older, right?

And thanks, JoAnn. I'm so proud of myself for thinking of taking a picture. And, LOL, my stay on the list was as fleeting as these flowers--but I printed it out and filed it away to look at and sigh over occasionally.

Margaret Daley said...

The flowers are beautiful. Congratulations.


Nancy Morse said...

Congratulations on making the list. The flowers are beautiful and it was really nice of your agent to send them.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Thanks, Margaret and Nancy. And the flowers are still holding up pretty well!