Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thankful Thursday and New Book

I have a book coming out on the 10th (although it is available for order rather than pre-order now on Amazon). COMPETITION'S A WITCH is the second in my teen witch-cheerleader series (SALEM WITCH TRYOUTS out last August and SHE'S A WITCH GIRL out this August).

I'm thankful for much today about this book -- that I still love Pru and her friends as much as I did when I was writing the series (the last one has already been revised and copyedited). I'm thankful for a wonderful agent and a super editor who believed in my series. I'm thankful that the cover artist captured the spirit of the book and created three beautiful covers (I just got the cover for the last book in the series -- gorgeous!) I'm thankful that my readers are enjoying the series, and that they write to tell me so through my website and in comments on my MySpace page.

Most of all, I'm thankful that when I had this idea (came out of nowhere in response to mishearing someone say the title of a book, which was actually the more usual Salem Witch Trials), I ignored my impulse to count myself out of writing for teens because I'm almost finished raising mine. Or because I had been the nose-in-a-book mousy girl in high school rather than the outgoing cheerleader.

If I'd listened to that doubting voice in my head that tried very hard to squash my instinct to write this story for fun and not worry about whether it would sell or not, I wouldn't have come to know Pru, to know more about cheerleaders (cheering is a sport, people!), and to realize that listening to your instincts is a great way to bring magic into your life!



Christie Craig said...


Great post. I'm with you. Listening to our instincts and plowing ahead no matter how imposible our dreams seem is so important in this business -- in life actually.

And sometimes I think we forget to count our blessings. Congrats on your books.


Julie Ortolon said...

Three CHEERS for Kelly on the new book. And for following your instincts.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Congrats, Kelly! And what is it with that doubting voice? I have one in my head, too. Very annoying! Let's agree to ban the little nuisances, okay?

K said...

I agree on the ban, Sally. Trouble is, the darn things keep sneaking in through the back door whenever I forget to triple lock it...

stephhale said...

Can't wait for this, Kelly. You know I LOVEd the first one!