Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In the News

I'm supposed to write about something I'm reading today, but the news beats out any book I have handy. Nothing like the freak Nor'easter we're having to remind us of Mother Nature's power. My house is on high ground, but other people are stranded in libraries because the causeway or bridge they take to their island home is washed out. Roads and parking lots are flooded and wide-spread power outages have the repair trucks working 24/7. On the lighter side, local people have taken the opportunity to view the ocean's fury. Yes, the dh and I were among those driving to the truck down to see the waves crashing over the seawall at the public landing. Water surrounded the harbormaster's office and a local restaurant.

On the other hand, spring also means rebirth. The Biodiversity Research Institute has a live eagle cam. The camera focuses on a bald eagle nest 70 feet up in a white pine tree on the coast of Maine. The pair of eagles has raised chicks in this nest for several years. At first, this spring's odd weather seemed to threaten their success, but now observers have seen one fuzzy head appear above the nest and they're hoping for two. This picture isn't today's shot, but one from last year. Today's pictures show a storm-swept nest and fog. If you visit the site, you can contribute to the cause. Here's the URL: http://www.briloon.org/watching-wildlife/eagle-cam.php


K said...

Susan, your part of the state is really getting hit hard. We've had some rain, and some high wind, but not the flooding of other areas.

I understand why you and your husband went to watch the sea rage, too. My dh and I would have, if he didn't have to work and we didn't think there'd be anything to see after dark. There's something compelling about a storm-roused sea.

I'm glad to hear the eagles' fate is looking less gloomy.

Terry Irene Blain said...

Susan, glad to know that you're all right. I think that those of us who live where there is no real weather (like I do in southern California) get lazy. One of the reasons I like to write historical is I feel people in the past were more connected to the natural world as they lived in it.

Keep dry and keep writing.

Susan Vaughan said...

Monday, April 23
When I wrote about the Eaglecam last week, I saw the nest and the eaglets being tended as a sign of hope after the horrendous events at Virginia Tech and after the terrible storm. But the Patriots Day Gale caused too much damage even to the eagles. Sadly, the newborn eaglets have not survived all the damage the wind and rain did to the next. If you go to the website now, all you will probably see is an empty nest. The camera is still on. The researchers are hoping to learn what happens when the babies are lost. Will the eagles have new eggs? Will they remain at the nest during the summer? The researchers doubt there's time for renesting but they feel the nest is in good enough shape that the pair will maintain their territory. So yes, there's still hope.